Do Golden Retrievers Bark A Lot? 10 Reasons WHY!!

Do Golden Retrievers Bark A Lot

No, Golden Retrievers don’t bark a lot as compared to the other dog breeds. Golden Retrievers are known for their friendly tone barking, they don’t bark in an aggressive tone.

Understanding Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are medium-sized, muscular, and sturdy retriever breed dogs. They are a Scottish breed and famous for their dense golden coat, hence the name “Golden Retrievers.” Goldens are usually kept as pets. They were originally used as hunting dogs by elites. They are also great watchdogs providing protection to their pet parents. The desire to protect and guard their pet parents makes them bark a lot sometimes. They constantly check for danger, threats, and alarming situations.

Golden Retrievers don’t bark a lot but they might even perceive almost every new thing to be a potential danger, and thus they bark for the sake of protecting and informing their pet parents. For instance, they might start barking upon seeing a stranger, etc. That is how they are excellent guard dogs as well. 

Nature of Golden Retrievers

Before understanding the question (Do Golden retrievers bark a lot?) we must understand their nature and behavior. First of all, it is their canine nature to bark. There are no dog breeds that don’t bark. Nevertheless, they bark considerably less than other dogs and are highly intelligent and thoughtful. That is why they do not bark irrationally without any reason.

Remember that the usual bark of a golden retriever is not out of aggression. They are not aggressive in fact they are very reliable dogs. Goldens are highly energetic and thus considered “hyper” dogs. They are loved as a pet breed for their lovely, gentle, and sweet nature. There is always a good reason for their consistent barking. 

Reasons for Golden Retrievers to Bark a Lot

Golden retrievers are impeccably smart. They bark only for good reasons. There are a number of reasons why they might bark. Those reasons are as follows:

Reasons for Golden Retrievers to Bark a Lot
Reasons for Golden Retrievers to Bark a Lot

1.       Communication Means

Golden retrievers use barking as their primary means of communication. Unlike other dogs that might use their paws in order to communicate, golden retrievers love to use noise for that purpose. 

2.       Need Attention

Golden retrievers are attention seekers. They love to get as much attention as they can. Usually, they bark to get their pet parent’s and loved ones’ attention. They might even bark if you turn your back on them. This attention-seeking bark does not come out of aggression. The bark usually gets louder gradually. They want engagement from humans, and the bark comes from a feeling of neglect. They use barking and noise as a sign of protesting the neglect. 

3.       See Danger

They bark when they feel fear and alarm. This makes them excellent watchdogs. They alert their owner of the potential danger that needs immediate attention by barking. This kind of bark comes when the dog is surprised and disturbed. The bark is usually high-pitched and repetitive. 

4.      Want to Protect

 They might bark for territorial protection from a perceived intruder. They want to protect their territory. The aggressive territorial bark is directed toward the intruder and signifies “stay away or else I will bite.” This bark is very loud to scare off the intruder. 

5.       Out of Frustration

They also bark out of frustration when restrictions are imposed on them or when they are faced with puzzles they can’t solve. The frustrated barks of a golden retriever might turn into destructive behavior. That is why the root cause of frustration must be addressed. 

6.   Want to Play   

Since golden retrievers are playful, they also use barking as a sign of “let’s play.” They use the bark followed by a certain posture to invite other dogs or humans to play with them. If your golden retriever plays and barks a lot, it is a sign that you are not spending enough time with your dog. 

7.       Get Energetic

They also bark when they get excited. The bark is often high-pitched and repetitive, accompanied by pacing, jumping, and an energetic wagging of the tail. Often, this happens when the dog has a reunion with its owner. 

8.       Boredom

Golden retrievers also bark when they are lonely or bored, for example, when they are left alone in the house. They might howl in a mournful way. This happens because they do not get enough mental stimulation. They need to be frequently entertained; otherwise, they get bored quickly. Golden retrievers, like any other dog, get depressed and stressed. They get depressed because of boredom and a lack of mental stimulation. Thus, they bark to alleviate boredom. 

9.      If Separated

Golden retrievers are very friendly and lovely. They have strong emotional attachments to their owner. They get seriously anxious and depressed if they are separated from their owner. Out of this anxiety and the desire to unite with their owner, they bark. 

10.   Environment

Golden retrievers are social animals. They copy the behaviors of other dogs and adapt to the environment. If they are constantly kept with dogs that bark a lot, they might also start barking a lot.

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How to Control Golden Retriever Who Barks a Lot?

The excessive barking of golden retrievers can get annoying. However, do not yell at them for barking because it is their nature to bark. They might get scared and confused if you constantly yell at them for barking. Never mistreat them.

When your golden retriever barks, think about why it is barking. Your dog might want to go to the bathroom or eat something. Have a good understanding of your dog. Nevertheless, their yelling behavior should be regulated. There are a number of ways in which the barking behavior of your golden retriever can be reduced and regulated.

Top 10 Ways to Control A Golden Retriever Who Barks a Lot

1.       Make gentle use of the word “no” to make them stop barking if they perceive something as a threat that is not really a threat. 

2.       Golden retrievers are friendly and obedient. They can be easily trained. Hire a trainer to train your dog to cease barking in certain situations and circumstances. 

3.       Make your golden retriever accustomed to new situations and new people. They will come to know that every stranger is not a threat. Reward your dog for reinforcement when the dog follows a command.

4.       They are very energetic. They bark if their energy is not sufficiently released. Give your golden retriever proper exercise to help them release its energy.

5.       Determine the root cause of their frustration and address it. 

6.       Give proper attention to your Golden Retriever Daily.

7.       Provide your golden retriever with a healthy diet and plenty of mental stimulation. 

8.       Keep them busy with toys and other activities.

9.       Take them for a walk in the neighborhood. They should be kept in an amicable environment. 


Golden retrievers are very lovely and friendly. They are loved and kept as pets. Even though they bark considerably less than the other dogs, they do bark a lot. However, they bark rationally for good reasons. We must determine the root cause of “why they bark” and effectively address it so, if you have a golden retriever then you are lucky. Happy Petting!

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