Smile Golden Retriever | Types and Expressions of Smile

Smile Golden Retriever

There are different types smile of golden retriever that help to show the mood or situation that a dog might be in. Expressions of the Golden Retriever Smile is what this article will dive into, reading on for more reasons as to why a golden retriever might use one type of smile over another.

What is a Golden Retriever Smile ?

A Smile Golden Retriever is a special type of smile that is characteristic of this breed. It is a very gentle and soft smile that seems to convey a message of happiness and contentment. Some people say that it looks like the dog is smiling with its eyes as well as its mouth.

There are several different types of smiles that a Golden Retriever may give, each with its own meaning. For example, a puppy may give what is called an “appeasement” smile when it wants to show submission to another dog or human. An “excitement” smile is often seen when the dog is anticipating a toy being thrown or some other type of fun activity.

The most common type of Golden Retriever smile is the “pleasure” smile. This is the kind of smile that they seem to give most often when they are petted or touched in a loving way. It conveys pure happiness and enjoyment and can be contagious – often causing their human companions to start smiling too!

Smile Golden Retriever
Smile Golden Retriever

Why do Golden Retrievers Smile? There are a few Theories:

Some experts believe that smiling behavior is simply a way for dogs to show submission and appeasement. When they bare their teeth in a partial grin, it could be interpreted as a way of saying “I’m not a threat, I’m just happy to see you!”

Other experts believe that the smile of Golden Retriever may actually be experiencing genuine happiness and joy when they display their full smiles. Dogs typically use facial expressions to communicate with us, so it stands to reason that they would use smiling as

Types of Golden Retriever Smiles

A dog’s smile is one of the most endearing things about them. It’s a way to show their happiness, but also to communicate with us. So, why do golden retrievers smile?

There are actually several different types of smiles that a golden retriever may give you. Each has a different meaning and can be used to communicate different things. Here are some of the most common types of golden retriever smiles:

  • The Pleasure Smile: This is probably the type of smile you’re most familiar with. It’s the big, toothy grin that they give you when they’re really happy. It typically means they’re enjoying whatever they’re doing at the moment, whether it’s playing fetch or getting belly rubs.
  • The Appeasement Smile: This is a less enthusiastic version of the pleasant smile. It’s often seen when a dog is being scolded or wants to avoid conflict. They’ll flash this quick, toothless smile in an attempt to placate whoever they think is angry with them.
  • The Social Smile: This is similar to the appeasing smile, but it’s directed at other dogs instead of humans. Dogs will often give each other social smiles during play as a way of saying “I’m not trying to start anything, I’m just having fun.”
  • The Submissive Smile: This is another type of appeasing smile, but it’s even more submissive than the social smile. Dogs will often show their subordinate
  • The Standard Smile: This is the most basic form of golden retriever smile, and is often seen when they are happy and relaxed. It usually features a toothy grin and may be accompanied by a wagging tail.
  • The Puppy Face Smile: This type of smile is often seen in young golden retrievers, and includes widened eyes and an exaggerated toothy grin. It’s similar to the standard smile but often seems more enthusiastic.
  • The Laughing Smile: This type of smile is characterized by a wide open mouth and a tongue that hangs out slightly. It’s often seen when golden retrievers are playing or when they find something particularly amusing.
  • The Lip Curl Smile: This is a less common type of smile, which features only the corners of the mouth being turned up slightly. It may be accompanied by a slight head tilt, and often indicates that the dog is feeling playful or mischievous.

Is the Golden Retriever Smile Real?

It’s no secret that the Golden Retrievers are known for their friendly dispositions and their signature “smiles.” But is this smile real?

There are two types of smiles that Golden Retrievers typically display: a partial smile and a full smile. The partial smile is often referred to as a “submissive grin” because it is often seen when the dog is in a submissive position. This type of smile usually involves only the corners of the mouth being pulled back, and it is often accompanied by lowered ears and averted eyes.

The full smile is much more indicative of true happiness, and it is often seen when Golden Retrievers are playing or receiving attention from their owners. This type of smile involves the entire mouth being pulled back, resulting in what looks like a big, goofy grin.

Expressions of Golden Retriever Smile

Golden Retrievers are famously known for their smiley, friendly faces. But why do they always seem to be smiling? And what does that smile mean?

Here are some common Expressions of smile Golden Retrievers:

1. The “I’m happy to see you” Smile: This is probably the most common type of smile you’ll see from your Golden Retriever. It’s a way of saying “Hello! I’m so glad to see you!” This type of smile is usually accompanied by a wagging tail and may even include a softening of the eyes.

2. The “I’m sorry” Smile: Have you ever done something accidentally (like step on your dog’s paw) and had your dog give you a look that seems to say “I’m sorry”? That sorrowful expression is actually what experts call an “appeasement gesture,” and it often includes a submissive grin or lip lick. Your dog is trying to show you that they don’t want any trouble…they just want peace!

3. The “Can I please have…?” Smile: This one is pretty easy to read…it means your dog wants something! It might be a treat, a toy, or just some attention. This type of smile is usually accompanied by begging behavior like sitting up or pawing at you.

4. The “I’m enjoying this” Smile: You might see this type of smile when your dog is having a really good time…like when they’re playing with their favorite toy or rolling around in the grass. This smile is often accompanied by a play-bow (front legs extended, rear end in the air) and may even include a softening of the eyes.

5. The “I’m feeling threatened” Smile: Believe it or not, dogs can actually show aggression with their smiles! If you see a lip curl that looks more like a snarl, beware…your dog may be feeling threatened or aggressive. This type of smile is usually accompanied by growling, barking, or showing teeth.

Now that you know what all those different types of smiles mean, you can start training your Golden Retriever to make them on cue! This can be a fun trick to teach and it’s also a great way to help socialize your dog.


It’s no secret that dogs are man’s best friend, but do you know why your furry friend always seems to be smiling? Experts believe that there are a number of reasons why golden retrievers smile, including as a way to express happiness, excitement, or even fear. No matter what the reason is behind your dog’s smile, one thing is for sure — it always brings a smile to your face.

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